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Client Coverage Highlights

  • Customers want to be understood. Likewise, digital marketers are doing everything they can to understand them. Companies are spending more..
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  • As businesses internationally look to reduce their reliance on traditional paper- and email-based methods of organising and disseminating...
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  • Organisations have never had so much customer information; yet in many cases they have never had less idea about how to achieve effective...
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PR, Social & Digital

Without continuous fresh content, campaigns dry up…


Neo PR has a unique way of generating new content with you – every 90 days we will create a whole new campaign, with a journalist from your market sector, to provide rich content to push through to your PR, website, blogs, tweets, SEO and alike.

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Neo's Blog

Social Media: the new WOM?

Good old word of mouth – a wonderful and powerful promotional tool which was once a force to be reckoned with. But has it now...

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Social Media: How does your garden grow?

I recently attended the annual National Tax & Accountancy Conference, hosted by our client Twinfield & Wolters Kluwer held at the very fancy Grange St....

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Social Media – are you using the right channel?

Facebook has a whopping total number of 1.4 billion users whilst twitter has 645,750,000 registered users. With these kinds of figures it is obvious why companies...

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Why thought leadership in a PR campaign helps define marketing and business strategy

Bob Bradley, MD2MD, is back and this time discussing why successful businesses are those that do things just that bit differently and stand out from the...

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It’s all in the preparation…

I’ve written previously about the importance of the interview process when writing a good press release; in order to get good content, doing your homework,...

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Meet the team: Emma Cooke

What is your full name? Emma Victoria Cooke How long have you been working in PR? Just over a year, and what a great year it...

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