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Client Coverage Highlights

  • As food waste levels rise we ask the foodservice industry what initiatives they’re imposing to lower it
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  • Descartes’ route planning system 'pays for itself after six months', says Ontex
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  • In Practice: how collaboration can foster innovation
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A different sort of PR

Neo PR was founded on the premise that high-quality, high-volume media coverage doesn’t need to come with a ‘capital’ price tag.

Our campaigns are centred around thought leadership and positioning you as an industry leader. We will work with you to generate content and make sure you never run out of things to say to the market and to your prospects.


Neo's Blog

Why PR & SEO go hand in hand

SEO has been a huge talking point amongst marketing professionals for some time now, with many firms claiming to be able to bring an organisation...

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Take your PR kick-off process from zero to hero

The start of a PR relationship is the same as the start of any relationship: it requires honesty and collaboration, but ultimately it should be...

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From Dissertation to Director: Why it’s okay for your first job to be your last

Leaving university is daunting for everyone and taking your first job is even scarier. But pile on top of that the pressure to make your...

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Five ways to stay productive

Whether it’s writing daily lists or digitising your communication, everyone has their own way of being more productive. But sometimes in the midst of a...

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Can PR save the planet?

“It’s just one straw,” said 7 billion people... Plastic is big news. It’s set to outweigh the number of fish in the ocean in just 32...

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PR: What a bunch of Stunts!

When most people think of PR stunts, they might think ‘float it down the Thames’. And whilst that old cliché might be heavily overplayed, there...

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