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Top 5 April Fools

03rd April 2017 - Neo PR

April 1st. The day when everyone wakes up and immediately dreads the influx of actual fake news circulating on social media. It’s become a tradition for brands to use April Fools to their advantage and come up with the funniest (or most convincing!) pranks.

This year did not disappoint! From watches made of cat fur, to Subway’s tuna flavoured ice-cream, there were some real crackers this year. Here’s our favourite stunts rated out of ten.

1. Marmite

This made us laugh out loud. The makers of Marmite had apparently dulled down the flavour to that’s impossible to love or hate, Meh-Mite – very funny Marmite, well done. Simple but brilliant.

Rating: 7/10

2. SodaStream

This year, SodaStream teamed up with hotel airhead – we mean heiress – Paris Hilton for a weird, yet wonderful prank video! The video begins with Paris wearing a plastic jacket made out of plastic found “in the stomach of sea turtles” introducing NanoWater, a sparkling water that promises to be five thousand times more refreshing than regular water (very odd). She then interrupts presenting her findings to announce that actually, NanoWater is just like regular water, but she’s found another solution (drum roll please), SodaStream! Overall, we loved it – very original and Paris was perfect for the role!

Rating: 9/10

3. Durex

The most tongue-in-cheek of the april fools day pranks came from Durex this year who announced their new lines of classic British meal flavoured condoms! The flavours include, fish and chips, Sunday roast and chicken tikka masala – claiming to ignite your sexual appetite and trigger much loved memories all at once with these taste sensations. This got us giggling and was pretty funny.

Rating: 8/10

4. Primark

Primark’s april fool this year didn’t follow suit of a fake product launch – instead, they went with a simple duping which we can’t lie, got all of us! A very simple video with the caption ‘Can you believe we made THIS using only a Primark bag?’ – the video lasted nearly two minutes and features a lady simply folding and unfolding a Primark bag with the hope of creating something amazing – it didn’t. But it did get us chuckling! Bravo, Primark, you got us.

Rating: 7/10

5. Subway

Launching their SUBzero range consisting of three limited edition ice-cream flavours; Tuna, Chicken Tikka & Meatball Marinara… delicious, not. But hats off to them, the taste-test video they produced alongside the campaign was funny, albeit a little gross.

Rating: 6/10

What was your favourite prank of the day? Tweet us: @NeoPRLtd.

Sam (the dog!)
Hannah A’Court
Louise Howard

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