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Happy birthday to the iPhone!

29th June 2017 - Gemma Spinks

Today marks the 10th birthday of the iPhone – can you believe it? I know it feels like the iPhone has been around for as long as we have, but in actual fact, it is only a youthful 10 years old and even after 15 versions it is still the most well-known smartphone on the market.

But how obsessed are you with yours?

It’s no secret that most people feel as though they have had their right arm painfully removed if they find themselves without their smartphone. But recent research from Axway shows some people would go to the extreme in order not to lose their precious phones. A shocking 47 percent of survey respondents would rather give up alcohol for a week than their phone, 24 percent would give up sex and 10 percent would event give up talking to their significant other for a week!

Check out their latest infographic to see some of the other stats.

Hannah A’Court
Louise Howard
Krista Le Beau

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