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Q&A with Sophie, Account Executive

15th June 2017 - Neo PR

You’ve found out from Heather and Louise what it’s like to be an Account Manager and Account Director at Neo PR, but what about an Account Executive? Sophie has been with us nearly a year now, so we sat down with her to find out what being an Account Exec at Neo is really like!

What is your full job title at Neo PR?

Account Executive.

How long have you been working in PR?

July marks my one year anniversary with Neo, and also a whole year working in PR!

Why was PR your chosen career path?

Having studied English literature and creative writing at University, PR had always been a path I was considering. I don’t think anyone can really explain to you exactly what a PR role will entail before you experience it for yourself, as the role is so varied, but for me, the pull was being able to write and become an extension of my clients’ marketing team.

What is a typical day at Neo PR like for you as an Account Executive?

When I arrive at the office, I grab a cup of coffee and make my way through my emails, write my to-do list for the day and send over any coverage that might have appeared. My role currently also involves looking after the Neo PR social media channels so I usually have a quick scroll through Twitter to see if there are any interesting news stories to share. As an Account Executive, I support the managers and directors with anything they need in order to drive forward the campaigns. This can literally be everything from writing social media updates to drafting blogs, sound bites or pitching content. All in a day’s work!

What is your favourite thing about PR?

I really love the sense of achievement when I secure a piece of coverage on a really great title for a client. Sometimes it’s hard work, but it really pays off! I also love the relationship side of PR. You are constantly building new connections, whether that is a new client, new journalist or even a client’s customer.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work in PR? 

Big doesn’t always mean better. There are some huge agencies out there which might offer great graduate scheme packages but might not provide you with the best experience. When applying for roles straight out of university, many students tend to gravitate towards bigger organisations but many forget about the smaller, boutique agencies like Neo! A small agency can provide you with heaps of experience in a short space of time. I have only been here a year, but I’ve learnt so much. Also, be open to doing everything, even the rubbish jobs, especially when you’re first starting out. Not only will this help you learn more, but it also sets you in good stead for moving up the career ladder!

What is the best thing about working at Neo PR?

The team. It’s like being part of a little family! I think it’s so important to have a good work culture and enjoy where you work, as you get so much more out of it. I also love the countryside office. It’s so nice to be able to sit outside in the peace and quiet with your lunch, or pop for a walk around the field!

What has been/is your favourite PR or advertising campaign?

They might not have had the best year in terms of reputation, (*cough* exploding phones) but I think that Samsung did a really good job with their campaign for their new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. The advert itself is really great and I love that they’ve played on the whole ‘unboxing your phone’ aspect. On the day of the launch and the days following, they completely took over Euston station which is a pretty good – if not slightly OTT – PR stunt in itself. Every inch of the station was covered in banners, so you really couldn’t escape it! Talk about putting their brand name at the forefront of your mind…

Do you have any more questions for Louise about her role? Tweet her: @Sophie_NeoPR. If you fancy joining us as an Account Executive with us, get in touch –

Sophie Neal
Rhea Cairns
Laura Carr

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