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Stunt of the week: The Body Shop gets clever for climate change

02nd June 2017 - Sophie Neal

It’s common sense that any advertising or PR campaign should wholly embrace the brand’s ethics and messaging, but this week, The Body Shop took this to a whole new level with their new smart posters that actually filter out air pollution!

They have teamed up with the environmental tech firm, Airlabs to pilot the scheme in three highlight polluted locations in London. The system removes harmful pollutants from city air including nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter which embodies The Body Shop’s commitment to environmental activism.

The posters are active in three bus stop sits in New Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and High Holborn as part of the pilot scheme, with hopes to roll them out across the city. Research shows that Central London regularly exceeds legal limits of N02 levels, and Airlabs suggest that the bus stop ads will deliver 95% cleaner air, protecting passengers standing inside at the bus stop who at risk from pollution exposure.

By combining tech that promotes their values and helps them achieve their plan to become “the most ethical and truly sustainable global business” in the world, The Body Shop has managed to encompass their values in a physical sense, whilst raising awareness of their brand and connecting it to a very important issue. This sets a new tone for other brands to find new and innovative ways to promote themselves and think outside the box.

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