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Top tips for starting a career in PR

24th August 2017 - Neo PR

It is the time of year a lot of graduates dread, the time to get a job. You may have just graduated or enjoyed your last summer of freedom, but now is the time to really think about how to put your degree to use and start a career in your chosen field.

If PR is the chosen career path for you then you will soon realise you have a lot of choices to make. Do you go for a local agency, a London agency, a large agency, boutique agency, B2C or B2B?

With so much to consider, we know it’s a daunting time! So with this in mind, we have gathered all our favourite bits of advice from the team to help you kick start your PR career.

A bit of advice from Jo

Be prepared for a highly varied, fast paced job, where the ability to multi-task is key.

A top tip from Laura

Starting out in PR can be a little overwhelming, so the best advice I can give is to gain as much experience within the industry as you can. Working in different areas of PR, In-house, Agency and different sectors/industries will help you to evaluate the area in which you wish to pursue a career. The more experience you have, the better you become at your job. Employers love you to have experience, so even if it’s a couple of weeks in a little PR office, it’s totally worth it!

Nada’s words of wisdom

My piece of advice would be to keep abreast of daily news, in whichever format: TV, radio,  social, press, web. You must have a curiosity of how the media world works and ideally love reading (a lot) and writing (even more!).

Some advice from Gemma

My advice would be to keep your options open. I knew I wanted to work in PR, but I never dreamed I would end up working at a B2B technology agency, let alone a boutique one in the middle of the countryside. But big is not always better and you may find you will gain a lot more experience and opportunity in a smaller agency.


Heather’s top tip

Writing a press release or byline article is nothing like writing a uni essay. If you get into PR, your work will be edited a lot to start with but it’s not because you’re not a great writer, it’s because you have to adapt to a brand new style. Don’t be disheartened and always ask for constructive feedback so you can improve. This runs nicely into Hannah’s handy piece of advice, develop your writing skills – you’ll be putting fingers to keyboard a lot in this industry, so make sure you can adapt your copy to lots of different tones and mediums.

Some advice from Sophie

Don’t dismiss the small agencies! Graduate Schemes are appealing but often you’re tied in with a lengthy contract and they are incredibly competitive. If you have experience and a great personality, chances are you’ll fit right in with a small agency. Don’t underestimate the value of your work experience either – getting experience in writing, comms or social media will all become useful as you start refining your skills.

Louise gives her advice

Really research what pursuing a role in PR takes – it’s creative but also busy and pressurised! Start connecting with those working in PR on LinkedIn and follow them on social media. Contact other PR professionals and ask some questions and find out what they love about the job or the parts of the job they may find challenging. Try internships to get a feel of the industry. Really compare B2C vs B2B PR – do you want to start focusing on one or both?

Some handy tips from Koren

Always highlight your transferable skills, you may not have done the exact job/task a prospective employer is asking for, but , if you can identify something that you’ve done which is similar or uses a similar skill set, shout about it.

Your advice from Claire

Always remember to approach the industry with an open mind; be ready to get stuck in and help with any task from making the tea to turning around a press release in an hour for a last minute deadline. It’s a varied industry that can be the perfect platform to showcase what you are good at, so make your talents known.

If all of this has helped and you think you are ready to take the first steps on your PR career path, then get in touch, we are hiring! Drop us an email or give us a call 01296 733 867 – we don’t bite!

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