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Can you guess our hidden talents?

01st September 2017 - Neo PR

From fencing to cactus rehab, the Neo PR team are far from boring. With this in mind we thought it might be fun to give you all an insight into what we do when we aren’t talking press releases and thought leadership pieces, by sharing some of our hidden talents.

Bet you can’t guess who’s is who. Tweet us your guesses @NeoPRLtd using #Neoshiddentalents

Is it Nada or Claire?

This person used to fence for many years (as in the sword sport that is)!

Is it Jo or Hannah?

A nerdy fascination with the derivation of words.

Is it Lois or Koren?

Cactus rehab! A fascination with cacti and nurturing them back to health with a bit of tomato juice and edible gold leaf – yes, edible gold leaf! This lady is also partial to a crossfit session or two, recently mastering a headstand.

Is it Hannah or Sophie?

This lady has a love for horses and has ridden since she was five years old. This lady is also partial to a bit of pole fitness – exercise classes of course!

Is it Laura or Heather?

This Neo PR employee can sketch a pretty good portrait and is currently writing a short story to enter into a competition.

Is it Claire or Gemma?

This person did a scuba diving course straight out of University and hopes to dive some of her favourite oceans pretty soon.

Is it Nada or Louise?

This hidden talent comes from trying to be Tom and Barbara from the Good Life, they have a new love of harvesting home grown crops… courgettes, spinach, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, sweetcorn and strawberries are a favourite, with a trial this year on potatoes.

Is it Koren or Lois?

This Neo PR employee has us in fits of laughter with her antics and can even touch her elbows together behind her back – impressive!

Is it Heather or Sophie?

This Neo PR employee writes her own blog, discussing fabulous food and her favourite fashion.

Tweet us your guesses @NeoPRLtd using #Neoshiddentalents

Sophie Neal
Francesca Bull
Ashley Carr

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