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Meet the team: Krista Le Beau

11th October 2017 - Neo PR

Last week, one of our founding Directors re-joined Team Neo! She’s a mum, partial to a good white wine and gets her ‘me’ time practicing Pilates. Get re-acquainted with Krista!

What is your full name?

Krista Le Beau.

How long have you been working in PR?

A sure-fire way to give my age away…but I first started out in PR 15 years ago! I started from entry level – making the tea, walking the office dogs, collecting the lunches and maybe trying my hand at press release writing if I was lucky. After a few brief stints in integrated agencies doing property and consumer PR, I found my niche in tech 11 years ago. About four years ago now, I moved from PR delivery into a sales and marketing role, putting years of experience in delivering PR campaigns to good use in now designing them for our prospects.

Favourite place you have ever been?

Without a doubt, the Maldives. Obviously pre-children, but it was 10 days of absolute heaven. I’ll never forget flying into our island destination on the seaplane and thinking that it looked like something out of a Bounty advert. It really was beautiful, luxurious and loads of fun exploring and diving. Take me back!

Next holiday destination?

We are very fortunate to have lovely family and friends around us and we will be spending our next holiday doing a week with family in Center Parcs and a week with friends in a cottage in the Cotswolds. Lots of activities and keeping young children occupied, mixed with some relaxing and fun (and hopefully warm!) evenings!

What do you do when you are not at Neo?

If I’m not here you’ll probably find me out walking with the family. My boys are four and nearly one, so plenty of fresh air-seeking on our weekends! My downtime is spent doing a Pilates class I’ve been going to for over two years now. It’s an hour of doing something I love for me, focusing the mind, testing the body and also relaxing and resetting, ready for it all the start again. Otherwise, I enjoy a good white wine, so I’m often sipping a glass of that while catching up on messages from the day and flicking through social media.

What is your favourite thing about PR?

The variety. I love that even though we specialise in tech PR, no client is the same. You get to know a little about a vast amount in this industry, across varying vertical sectors, each with their own set in intricacies and issues to run with and solve through communicating effectively.

If you could take three things to a desert island what would you take?

Definitely books. I love to read but I don’t get much time to do so these days. Music too. I always love some music on that reflects my mood of the day. And finally, as much as I’d love some peace and quiet, I’d need to have my children with me. Can they count as one? Probably means no reading anyway!

What is your favourite word?

This changes frequently but currently it’s ‘eclectic’.

What word best describes you?


What do you never leave home without?

My phone. It’s my lifeline for both work and personal. My whole world is in my phone, from diary dates to photos, to emails and messages that need responding to and errands that need running.

Do you have a question for Krista? Tweet her! @Krista_NeoPR

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