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Stunt of the week: Fanta gets freaky for Halloween

31st October 2017 - Sophie Neal

Happy Halloween! Every year, Halloween gives brands the chance to get spooky with their campaigns. This year, we are loving Fanta’s VR offering, The 13th Floor.

Following teaser tweets throughout October, Fanta has launched a VR video, The 13th Floor today which is an immersive, interactive Halloween campaign as we’ve never seen before!

To view the video, users have to head to a dedicated URL on Fanta’s website. Fanta recommends using a VR headset and headphones to view the video, but if like me, you wussed out a bit, you might want to watch the video with the sound down low in a light room!

The slightly creepy looking concierge takes you into a lift which ends up going down. On each floor, various horrors lie behind the door from creepy dolls and puppets to deserted corridors… Brave visitors to Thorpe Park’s Fright Night were able to experience the video for themselves. Isn’t it amazing what a bit of tech and clever filming can do?

This definitely sets the standard for VR advertising and brand awareness campaigns in the future! We love the use of VR in this campaign and Fanta have definitely taken scary to a whole new level! If you’re feeling brave, you can watch the full video here. 

What did you think of Fanta’s freaky campaign? Have you dared to immerse yourself in the whole video? Tweet us your thoughts! @NeoPRLtd 

Krista Le Beau
Sam (the dog!)
Hannah A’Court

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