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Meet the team: Francesca Bull

03rd November 2017 - Neo PR

Our latest addition to Team Neo is Account Manager, Francesca! She loves a Netflix binge, finding a vintage bargain and doesn’t leave the house without a scarf. Without further ado, let’s get to know Francesca!

What is your full name?

Francesca Penelope Bull.

How long have you been working in PR?

My first steps into the world of PR were about eight years ago, whilst I was working at a music management company and record label. I was still at university and eager to gain as much experience as possible so during my studies I also worked at the label. I would get involved in all levels of tasks from calculating royalties, printing CDs, (yes, CDs were still a thing then!), helping to plan events and working on press releases and publicity campaigns for the artists we represented. I then progressed into the world of consumer tech PR for a while and about five and a half years ago I moved on to the film and television industry implementing product placement campaigns. I worked with a variety of brands including automotive clients and premium spirits, placing them in high profile film and television productions and then working with the brands to leverage each association to capitalise on the international popularity of each project.

Favourite place you have ever been?

I would have to say St. Lucia in the Caribbean. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there and it was paradise!

Next holiday destination?

I’ve just come back from a very relaxing week in Sissi, Crete which was absolutely beautiful. Naturally, I’ve already started looking at the next destination! I have some family that live overseas so it would be wonderful to visit them sometime soon.

What do you do when you are not at Neo?

You’d probably find me hunting for vintage goodies in a charity shop, car-boot sale or retro store somewhere! I’m a fan of 1940s/1950s style so often like to experiment with different hairstyles, fashions and homeware too. I also enjoy music and after many years of playing the piano am trying to get back into good habits by practising more! I also enjoy baking sweet treats so am often asked to provide cakes for family occasions which I’m always happy to do.

What is your favourite thing about PR?

Learning new things constantly. A previous client of mine was in the cruise ship industry – if there’s ever a pub quiz on cruise ships I think I would do pretty well!

If you could take three things to a desert island what would you take?

I’m a big fan of podcasts in the true crime and comedy genres (depending on my mood!) so I’d have to take something with a pod-catcher on. Also my music, anything from Punk, Funk, Swing, Classical – I love all genres really. I’m also a bit of a telly addict, so I’d have to take something I could watch Netflix on!

What is your favourite word?

At the moment it’s probably ‘vintage’.

What word best describes you?


What do you never leave home without?

“Phone, keys, wallet” is something I always say to myself when I leave my house. Aside from those things, my friends would probably think something was wrong if I left the house without wearing a brooch or scarf – or both.

Do you have another question for Francesca? Tweet her! @Francesca_NeoPR.

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