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Vegan: A challenge?

01st November 2017 - Claire Rhodes

As one of the residential vegans here at Neo PR, my fellow vegans and I felt it was only right – seeing as today is World Vegan Day – that we share our most recent Vegan treats from Neo PR HQ. Since June of this year, we’ve been baking, kneading and decorating to create delicious vegan cuisine as part of a vegan challenge.

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So far, we’ve had brilliant brownies, crumbly cookies, fantastic focaccia, sumptuous sausage rolls, pristine puddings and charismatic cookie bars. With even more bakes still to come, it’s safe to say the Neo PR team are growing in affection when it comes to vegan food.

Although it’s a tough competition and I’m sworn to secrecy in regards to who’s in the lead so far – and unlike GBBO’s Prue, I won’t spoil it ahead of the final –  I can, however, tell you that everyone has done a fantastic job in adapting to vegan cooking, and I’m really excited to see what else is to come from the last few remaining contestants. The winner will, of course, receive a prize, but that’s as much as I’m saying on that matter at the moment.

World vegan day was established in 1994 and is celebrated around the world by vegans to celebrate the animal rights movement. As a topic close to many people’s hearts, whether that’s to increase sustainability, end animal cruelty or to just look and feel healthier, veganism is taking off in a huge way.

It’s not perceived as the preachy outsider’s movement anymore, which is evident from the sheer amount of celebrity endorsers. From celebrities like Andre 3000, Thom Yorke and Woody Harrleson, to athletes such as Serena Williams, David Haye and Victoria Pendleton and even past world greats such as Albert Einstein, Mary Shelley and Leonardo da Vinci being a part of the movement, and even more are joining every day like Lewis Hamilton, Stormzy and Richard Branson. So the question is, is meat-free becoming mainstream?

Fancy trying your hand at Vegan cooking? We’d love to see your creations! Tweet us @NeoPRLtd. 

Krista Le Beau
Louise Howard
Ashley Carr

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