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Client Time: Q&A with Zetes

14th May 2018 - Neo PR

We’ve been working with Zetes for over a year helping to boost their press coverage and brand awareness. Next up in our client time Q&A series is Sandra Franchitti, Corporate Communications Manager from Zetes!

Firstly, could you start with a little bit of background about Zetes?

Of course! Zetes is made up of two divisions – one is dedicated to providing secure solutions for people identification ( a.o. e-passports and e-ID cards) and the other is dedicated to the supply chain. We develop solutions to optimise the supply chain end-to-end. We provide our customers with visibility and traceability from product packing, to when it reaches the store. We are headquartered in Brussels and have several subsidiaries in Europe and Africa.

What did you want to achieve with Neo PR?

The main challenge for us was getting our local marketing teams on board with our PR and comms strategy. Some countries have very small teams and few resources to dedicate to PR. We had two objectives with Neo PR: for them to train and educate our local teams, and for them to generate content that would get us into our target publications. We came up with a way of working, which meant our campaign was married up across all regions.

How did Neo PR help you achieve this?

When we had our initial kick off, Neo provided our local teams with PR training, including tips on how to liaise with journalists. The Neo team creates the content for the local teams to pitch and then also liaises with the UK press. Neo has become a content generation engine for us.

What benefits have you seen from working with Neo PR?

Our local marketing teams now have the confidence to pitch the content we generate to the press in their countries. Working with Neo has given them the confidence to build their own relationships with journalists and maintain them. We have also seen an increase of more than 120% in the amount of coverage we are getting in key titles across the industries we target. Our profile within the UK media, and that across our regions, continues to grow to the point where journalists are now contacting us if they need comment contributions and this is strengthening our position as an industry thought leader.

Finally, how would you summarise your experience with Neo PR?

We have a great relationship with Neo PR. The quality of the content it produces is very high, and we rarely have to go back with lots of corrections. The team understands our business and proposition really well, which makes everything a smooth process.

To find out more about work with Zetes, download the full case study here. Or to find out how we can take you from PR zero to thought leadership hero, give us a call on +44 (0)1296 733 867 or email us on

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