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Meet our new clients: Masters Allen, SWRnewstar, Softwire, Spicy Mango & rfxcel

08th May 2018 - Neo PR

We’ve had a busy few months here at Neo PR as we welcome five wonderful new clients to the team. Our latest bunch of clients are an exciting mix – from marketing to media technology solutions, meet Masters Allen, SWRnewstar, Softwire, Spicy Mango and rfxcel.

Masters Allen, SWR Newstar, Softwire, Spicy Mango, rfxcel, Neo PR, IT PR, Tech PR,

Masters Allen

Masters Allen (MA) is a straight-talking, Brand, Marketing and Digital agency, that helps navigate businesses towards achieving their growth ambitions.

With over 10 years experience in delivering effective traditional and digital creative comms, MA works with clients ranging from SMEs to big brands. Taking into account the individuality and respective needs, MA guides its clients in the right direction using their unique communications compass approach. Working across multiple media channels, MA is committed to providing detailed, brand, marketing, and digital strategies, that successfully connect every client with their targeted audience and formulate success.


SWRnewstar is a £41m revenue waste broker based in Alton, Hampshire formed as a result of combining the £30m revenue Specialist Waste Recycling business and the £11m revenue Newstar Environmental business.

The joining of two of the largest brokers in the UK Waste market provides unrivalled expertise in the Automotive, Hospitality, Property Management, Grocery, Retail and Healthcare sectors of the market. SWRnewstar focuses on the overall cost for customers, not lift rates. Their ‘Costs. Out’ method identifies how costs can be removed forever. This is achieved through their account management function, physically working throughout customers’ sites. Their ‘Lid. Lifted.’

The methodology looks at what levels of waste are being produced and how these can best be recycled or recovered. With this approach, customers receive the sustainable solution, and optimal service, to meet their needs.


Softwire is a privately owned software development company based in London. They are specialists in the delivery of software consultancy and bespoke, custom-built software solutions along with offering expert software development training.

Softwire focuses on providing an exceptional level of service to a manageable number of customers. Its commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none – not least because repeat business is an important source of revenue. It aims to be a complete technology partner for clients, from initial consultancy and design phases right through to deployment and ongoing support and has partnerships with trusted third parties for services such as web design and hosting which it believes are best outsourced to established specialists in those fields.

Spicy Mango

Spicy Mango is an expert media technology consulting and software delivery organisation. The team has spent years building service provider grade video platforms, media technology solutions, and delivering high quality consulting services. From content transformation and media workflow architectures to video intelligence, analytics and resolving platform quality of service challenges, Spicy Mango exists to solve complex media and control plane challenges. The brand’s incredible heritage is a team that has served time in organisations such as Inlet Technologies, Cisco, ITV, Red Bee Media, Ericsson and the BBC.


rfxcel is a supply chain track, and trace company helping companies meet regulatory compliance requirements, protect the product and ascertain brand reputation.

Thought leadership and experience since 2003, expansions to locations in the US, EU, India, Brazil, and Japan, and a leading stand-alone traceability solution, the company, enables people, businesses, and industries to protect end consumers and their products. This unique integrated software delivers better business outcomes and lowers overall costs.

Fancy joining these fantastic companies on their PR journey? There’s always room for more. Get in touch:

Georgia Keenan
Laura Carr
Ashley Carr

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