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Pre-Black Friday Sales: Clever Tactic or Lack of Confidence?

22nd November 2017 - Gemma Spinks

Is it just me or has Black Friday gone on for a week already? I have noticed more and more retailers shouting about their ‘pre’ Black Friday discounts - and they haven’t been small discounts either. Many retailers have been...

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The Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2017

20th November 2017 - Hattie Thompson

Following on from the footsteps of Christmas music, pigs in blankets and Brussel sprouts, Christmas adverts have now become a staple part of the Christmas festivities. Every year we wait in anticipation for retailers and supermarkets to release their highly-awaited Christmas...

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Meet the team: Francesca Bull

03rd November 2017 - Neo PR

Our latest addition to Team Neo is Account Manager, Francesca! She loves a Netflix binge, finding a vintage bargain and doesn't leave the house without a scarf. Without further ado, let's get to know Francesca! What is your full name? Francesca Penelope...

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Vegan: A challenge?

01st November 2017 - Claire Rhodes

As one of the residential vegans here at Neo PR, my fellow vegans and I felt it was only right – seeing as today is World Vegan Day – that we share our most recent Vegan treats from Neo PR...

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Stunt of the week: Fanta gets freaky for Halloween

31st October 2017 - Sophie Neal

Happy Halloween! Every year, Halloween gives brands the chance to get spooky with their campaigns. This year, we are loving Fanta's VR offering, The 13th Floor. Following teaser tweets throughout October, Fanta has launched a VR video, The 13th Floor today which...

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Meet the team: Krista Le Beau

11th October 2017 - Neo PR

Last week, one of our founding Directors re-joined Team Neo! She’s a mum, partial to a good white wine and gets her ‘me’ time practicing Pilates. Get re-acquainted with Krista! What is your full name? Krista Le Beau. How long have you been...

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Data Breaches & the Delicate Art of News Hijacking

05th October 2017 - Josephine Timmins

The collective first thought when the news breaks of a data breach or infrastructure hack is – who now? Followed very quickly by, how bad was it; what type of breach; and is this something we need to jump on...

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The connected PR campaign

06th September 2017 - Louise Howard

When it comes to assessing the value of PR, there are many different theories over which part of a campaign proves to have the biggest impact on a business. We don’t however, believe it’s good to focus on just on...

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Can you guess our hidden talents?

01st September 2017 - Neo PR

From fencing to cactus rehab, the Neo PR team are far from boring. With this in mind we thought it might be fun to give you all an insight into what we do when we aren’t talking press releases and...

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Top tips for starting a career in PR

24th August 2017 - Neo PR

It is the time of year a lot of graduates dread, the time to get a job. You may have just graduated or enjoyed your last summer of freedom, but now is the time to really think about how to...

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