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Why does B2B technology need PR?

20th July 2017 - Sophie Neal

We would tell you that PR is important for B2B technology because it’s what we do. But we’re all about helping you make informed decisions about your PR and marketing strategy, so we thought we would give you three reasons...

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Is Amazon Prime Day the next Black Friday?

19th July 2017 - Neo PR

Having just reached its third successful year, Amazon Prime Day could be creeping up on Black Friday’s great success. However, they do have one big difference. Despite their similarities, Amazon has limited its discount day to Prime members only, but...

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Q&A with Gemma, Director

18th July 2017 - Neo PR

So you know what being an Account Manager, Account Director and an Account Executive is like at Neo PR. But what is it like doing all the PR stuff and being a Director? We quizzed our lovely Gemma to find...

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Social Media 101: Download your best practice guide!

14th July 2017 - Neo PR

B2B technology is a competitive landscape, so it’s important to get yourself heard. PR is our thing, but so is social media, and we think the two go hand in hand quite nicely. However, if you’re just getting started or consider...

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Three reasons why B2B needs social media marketing

13th July 2017 - Sophie Neal

Social media silence is simply not an option in business today. But surely you don’t need us to tell you that? There still seems to be a common misconception that B2B businesses don’t need to engage in social media. It...

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Five Steps to Event Success

11th July 2017 - Lois Dean

As the saying goes, failing to plan, is planning to fail, and this couldn’t be truer when organising your PR event. Event season is imminent but with a checklist in place, there is no reason for your event not to...

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Meet the team: Lois Dean

06th July 2017 - Neo PR

Meet our newest addition to Team Neo - she's driven, loves guacamole (who doesn't) and a city break. Without further ado, let's get to know our Junior Account Exec, Lois! What is your full name? Lois Dean. How long have you been working...

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Happy Neo Birthday to me: Three things I’ve learned in my first year in PR

04th July 2017 - Sophie Neal

I was fresh out of university, a little nervous and a bit excited about what the big wide world had in store for me. On this day a whole year ago, I stepped into the Neo PR office to start...

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Happy birthday to the iPhone!

29th June 2017 - Gemma Spinks

Today marks the 10th birthday of the iPhone - can you believe it? I know it feels like the iPhone has been around for as long as we have, but in actual fact, it is only a youthful 10 years...

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Meet the Team: Nada Giuffrida

27th June 2017 - Neo PR

Team Neo has grown again! Meet our latest addition to the team, Nada, who loves the beach, is jetting off to Italy on her holidays and is a keen baker. We're sure she'll fit right in in our food-loving office! Let's...

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