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#WalkThisMay for National Walking Month

21st May 2018 - Sophie Neal

It’s no secret that we love anything that will make us more productive. After all, being more productive makes not just the team happy, but our clients happy too! As May is National Walking Month, we’ve been making an extra...

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Hello GDPR, goodbye marketing as we know it

18th May 2018 - Neo PR

On 25th May 2018, the world of digital direct marketing meets the proverbial cliff edge, which will undoubtedly have huge effects on the marketing industry. In the run-up to the implementation of the regulation, the noise surrounding GDPR and the...

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How to manage & minimise stress in the workplace

17th May 2018 - Sophie Neal

Stress in the workplace is a growing problem for many businesses. Office environments can be high pressured and increasing workload is one of the reasons many employees suffer from stress. In fact, in 2016/17, 12.5 million working days were lost...

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Client Time: Q&A with Zetes

14th May 2018 - Neo PR

We've been working with Zetes for over a year helping to boost their press coverage and brand awareness. Next up in our client time Q&A series is Sandra Franchitti, Corporate Communications Manager from Zetes! Firstly, could you start with a little bit of...

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Five things we learned during Stress Awareness Month

10th May 2018 - Sophie Neal

Stress is something that affects all companies and as an SME with a tight-knit team, it’s very easy to feel the ripples of stress throughout the team when we are experiencing busy periods. Stress is fine in small doses, but...

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Meet our new clients: Masters Allen, SWRnewstar, Softwire, Spicy Mango & rfxcel

08th May 2018 - Neo PR

We’ve had a busy few months here at Neo PR as we welcome five wonderful new clients to the team. Our latest bunch of clients are an exciting mix - from marketing to media technology solutions, meet Masters Allen, SWRnewstar,...

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Is mobility fuelling the rise of cyber attacks?

30th April 2018 - Francesca Bull

Why you should think twice before connecting to a WiFi network when working remotely... Here at Neo PR we’re often out on the road, whether it’s travelling to meet journalists, client meetings or attending industry events. Therefore, we rely heavily on...

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Wetherspoons; Cambridge Analytica; Martin Lewis and Jeremy Hunt – are we seeing the beginning of the end for social media?

25th April 2018 - Josephine Timmins

It’s fair to say that Facebook has had a pretty tough time recently. First there was the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, of which the social media giant is only just starting to see the financial ramifications. Then pub chain J...

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Five tips for a great research project

23rd April 2018 - Laura Carr

Market research is an essential process for every business but there are many misconceptions about what it actually is. It’s not just people with clipboards asking for vox pops or gathering statistics – it’s about asking questions, challenging your assumptions...

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Meet the team: Rhea Cairns

20th April 2018 - Neo PR

"Guess who's back, back again..." Sorry, have we met? We absolutely have! Rhea is a former Neo PR employee returning after a brief hiatus and joining us as a Senior Account Manager. Here's what makes Rhea tick ... What is your full name? Rhea...

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