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Fall in love with your PR

12th February 2018 - Krista Le Beau

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a bit of romance. There’s nothing quite like being on the receiving end of a lovely sentiment, a bit of spontaneity, a thoughtful gift, a cute text message or some...

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Five reasons we love hiring Millennials

08th February 2018 - Gemma Spinks

Self-righteous, lazy, unmanageable. Those are just some of the words I have heard used to describe Millennials. However, the reality is that Millennials are actually none of those things, they are extremely hard working and passionate individuals that are currently...

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Meet our newest clients for 2018!

22nd January 2018 - Neo PR

As we head into 2018, we are looking forward to welcoming on board six brand new clients! We are really excited to introduce these latest companies to the Neo team, and what better time to do it than at the...

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How to create a great media list

08th January 2018 - Heather Oates

So you’ve got an announcement to rival the royal wedding, complete with a press release, images, spokesperson; the works. But still, knocking Harry and Meghan off the top spot won’t be easy. Because even with all the right ingredients, a good...

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2017 in review: Team Neo’s Highlights

21st December 2017 - Neo PR

As another year draws to a close, we asked the team to reflect on the last 12 months and share their highlights. 2017 was the year Neo PR turned 6 years old, a photo of Sam and his new pal...

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10 PR & Marketing resolutions you should be making for 2018

18th December 2017 - Sophie Neal

With the new year fast approaching, December downtime is the perfect time to plan your PR and marketing strategy for the first few months. You might also decide it’s the time to inject some fresh ideas and new approaches, so...

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Is PR an art or a science?

13th December 2017 - Koren Byrne

Back in my first year of University, the question, “Is Public Relations (PR) an art or a science?” was posed to my wide eyed and bushy tailed, seminar class – we went back and forth in a debate and if...

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The rise and rise of Black Friday

06th December 2017 - Hattie Thompson

Typically, ‘peak shopping season’ referred to the few months prior to Christmas, with sales reaching a crescendo in December. However, Black Friday, an import from the USA, has stirred up the peak season, bringing fevers of excitement for shoppers in...

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The Rise of Automation: the Robots are Coming, Look Busy!

04th December 2017 - Francesca Bull

Once a creation of futuristic sci-fi films and dystopian novels, the automation revolution is set to transform our lives and disrupt every industry in a way that some experts would argue, we aren’t prepared for. Automation and AI were perhaps some...

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Five ways to make the most of December downtime

01st December 2017 - Sophie Neal

Unless you work in retail, most B2B companies tend to slow down a little over Christmas. For PR agencies that are on, for what feels like 365 days a year, the wind down to the holiday season is the perfect...

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