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Neo in the news: GDPR, collaboration, and creating change

16th July 2018 - Rhea Cairns

At Neo PR, we don’t just do PR for our clients, we also do it for ourselves. Through a mixture of targeted, proactive responses, thought leadership and press releases, our aim is to create exposure of Neo PR in a...

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We’re an SME Culture Leader!

12th July 2018 - Sophie Neal

Culture is a huge part of who we are at Neo PR and it’s something we have worked hard on. We’re known for our unique culture with our countryside office, flexible working, flat structure and office dog which is why...

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Five signs you love your job

09th July 2018 - Koren Byrne

I’ve had many jobs in my time from working behind the deli counter in my local store and promoting nightclub’s to managing internal communications – cut to present day I’m an account manager at Neo PR and (I can promise...

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Bringing it home: Getting involved with the World Cup

06th July 2018 - Rhea Cairns

This year’s World Cup has proven that it’s not just Eastenders that everyone is talking about. The England v Colombia match which saw England make its way to the quarter finals was watched by 16.5 million people, making it the...

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How to make the most of a trade show

04th July 2018 - Koren Byrne

Trade shows are not only great opportunities to showcase your businesses products and/or services to key customers; they can also be a fantastic platform to further extend relationships with target media publications. From setting up media briefings to securing speaking...

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Five ways to stay productive on your commute to work

29th June 2018 - Georgia Keenan

We’ve all been there: unexpected traffic, train delays, roadworks or a tractor that slows your journey right down (working in a countryside office means that we see a lot of tractors!) are all things that can make your morning commute...

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The theory of evolution & what it means for the high street

26th June 2018 - Gemma Spinks

Darwin’s theory of evolving and developing in order to compete and survive is not something that is new to any of us - well not if you grew up in the UK education system anyway. So why are we all...

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World Cup Fever! Meet your PR dream team

14th June 2018 - Rhea Cairns

We’re getting into the World Cup spirit and it got us thinking about the different players that would make up the perfect PR football team. (Bear with us, really!) From thought leadership to social media, research and media outreach, there...

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Why Blockbuster Should Have Squashed Netflix

31st May 2018 - Hannah A'Court

Blockbuster was an icon, I can still remember Friday evenings spent in my local branch browsing through the VCRs (and later DVDs), convincing my parents that we definitely did need the overpriced popcorn and ice cream. Now if my household...

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#WalkThisMay for National Walking Month

21st May 2018 - Sophie Neal

It’s no secret that we love anything that will make us more productive. After all, being more productive makes not just the team happy, but our clients happy too! As May is National Walking Month, we’ve been making an extra...

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