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View from the top: What is our culture like at Neo PR?

24th September 2018 - Sophie Neal

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” A homage to Roald Dahl, in the month of his 102nd birthday, that nicely summarises our culture here at Neo PR. Having recently celebrated our listing in the Real Business...

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Why PR & SEO go hand in hand

20th September 2018 - Ashley Carr

SEO has been a huge talking point amongst marketing professionals for some time now, with many firms claiming to be able to bring an organisation to the top of the search page with quick fixes or adding in the occasional...

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Take your PR kick-off process from zero to hero

19th September 2018 - Rhea Cairns

The start of a PR relationship is the same as the start of any relationship: it requires honesty and collaboration, but ultimately it should be a time to get to know each other. Get the kick-off process right and the...

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From Dissertation to Director: Why it’s okay for your first job to be your last

14th September 2018 - Gemma Spinks

Leaving university is daunting for everyone and taking your first job is even scarier. But pile on top of that the pressure to make your CV as appealing as possible, and many graduates find themselves jumping from job to job...

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Five ways to stay productive

07th September 2018 - Gemma Spinks

Whether it’s writing daily lists or digitising your communication, everyone has their own way of being more productive. But sometimes in the midst of a busy period at work or a stressful time at home, the techniques and tools we...

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Can PR save the planet?

05th September 2018 - Neo PR

“It’s just one straw,” said 7 billion people... Plastic is big news. It’s set to outweigh the number of fish in the ocean in just 32 years and the current ocean plastic level is at 150 million tonnes. The expression ‘out...

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PR: What a bunch of Stunts!

31st August 2018 - Koren Byrne

When most people think of PR stunts, they might think ‘float it down the Thames’. And whilst that old cliché might be heavily overplayed, there are many innovative stunts that happen year on year and 2018 has certainly been no...

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Five reasons why PR isn’t just a day job

29th August 2018 - Sophie Neal

Is PR just a day job? Definitely not. We aren’t saying that we work all the hours god sends and never take any holiday, but it’s definitely something you start to live and breathe. PR requires commitment, confidence and caring...

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Friday Fun: Our Summer Social!

24th August 2018 - Sophie Neal

We like to work hard and play hard at Neo PR, so last Friday afternoon we left the office early to spend some time as a team. Fun was most definitely on the cards and it involved water balloons and...

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Is there still a place for print?

22nd August 2018 - Georgia Keenan

It feels like the whole world is going digital: Digital marketing, digital content and social media all plays a part of our lives to some degree. A decade ago, press coverage was pretty much only in print, but fast-forward to...

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