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Healthcare Technology & Life Sciences

Healthcare is a tough industry to be in.

Driven by cost-effectiveness and geared towards transformation for improving health outcomes, there is a growing appetite for the NHS to look outside of its own industry to see what can be achieved with technology. In healthcare, there is a growing concern about data privacy, confidentiality and security, but there is a strong political agenda to digitise healthcare and improve health services through the adoption of innovative, yet outcomes-driven solutions.

Patient engagement is a big part of the journey NHS organisations are embarking on, as they need to prove that they are patient-centric and engaging patients and carers right across the pathway. Combined with the quality agenda, any solutions that empower clinical decision-making with real-time data will be welcome.

Equally, the recruitment challenge is a major concern for NHS organisations; doctors are retiring, the training budget is being cut, resources are slim, so any system that can help employee engagement, training and development will be worthwhile if it can demonstrate outcomes, retention and improvements in care.

The application of Cloud and Mobile continues to transform the NHS, as patients journey through primary, secondary and community care. Information across all of these settings needs to join up so it’s available at any time and in any place. The biggest challenge facing IT companies in this space right now is not necessarily the ‘what’s possible’, but the ‘how can we do it.’

We can help you show strong thought leadership and expertise in delivery that will resonate with this audience.

Heather Oates
Sophie Neal
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