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Retail Technology & Logistics

It’s one of the fastest moving industries out there, driven by customer demand for an ever evolving, personal shopping experience. Faster home delivery, a consistent omni-channel offering, a more educated store associate and not to mention a personalised stock mix; to be a retail technology provider in today’s connected world requires flexibility, personality and technology that can provide the same if not more information than is available to the digital savvy consumer.

Whether it’s personalised data on what customers buy and where, a single view of stock or an optimisation platform that explains why a customer abandoned their basket, providing retailers, manufacturers and FMCG brands in both the multiple and wholesale sectors with insight that directly impacts their bottom line, is key. Equally, the retail press demands that same hard-hitting, relevant and creative content, backed up with hard facts and customer endorsement.

With a range of clients in the retail technology space – from drop-ship provider, CommerceHub, and omni-channel solutions provider, Manhattan Associates, to RELEX Solutions, the first supply chain solution provider to offer retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers the power of In-Memory Computing – the team at Neo PR has a wealth of industry experience and a proven, measurable methodology to exploit it. Through an unparalleled knowledge of the key publications and established relationships with their editors, Neo PR creates insightful and engaging content that the press and your prospects alike will want to read.

Claire Rhodes
Louise Howard
Koren Byrne

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