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Security, Risk & Compliance

The cybersecurity, risk management and Compliance sectors operate in a constantly evolving environment. With legislation such as the EU Data Protection Regulation set to be enforced by 2017, data breaches happening on an almost weekly basis and new technologies being launched in these industries, it’s a battle to get your voice heard above the background noise.

When it comes to risk management within industries such as financial services, the regulations by which firms have to manage their own institutional risk are continuously being updated. Conveying to the market how your technology or service can help address their risk data management challenges requires a PR partner who not only understands these complex issues, but also the intricacies of the media landscape.

Working with the likes of Certes Networks, VoipSecAsset Control and D2 Legal Technology, Neo PR has a strong history of building and creating thought leadership campaigns that will place you and your organisation at the forefront of critical issues and drive inbound interest and new customers.

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