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Social Media 101: Your Best Practice Guide

13th July 2017

B2B technology is a competitive landscape, so it’s important to get yourself heard. PR is our thing, but so is social media, and we think the two go hand in hand quite nicely. We’ve compiled our expertise into one place and...

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Broken Promises

23rd March 2017

A slick PR presentation can be compelling but when PRs – typically the larger agencies – over promise and under deliver, the entire industry suffers. It is tempting to assume big agencies will always equal success but marketers need to...

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Where is the ROI in PR?

17th March 2017

In a marketing model increasingly dominated by metrics there is growing pressure on PR agencies to offer tangible ROI. But while outputs such as press coverage and social media impressions can be measured, that is just part of the story. Download...

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Social media in business – it’s no longer a nice to have…

19th October 2016

If you can get your head around social media in a consumer environment such as venting one’s disquiet over Twitter when a service provider messes you about, why is it a struggle to see that there is a place for social...

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Top tips for a great PR relationship

10th September 2016

The relationship between a PR agency and its client is very similar to any other relationship. To make any relationship work there has to be a mutual understanding, a certain amount of trust and a good amount of friendship. To build...

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That Honeymoon feeling is over…

10th August 2016

They say there’s always two sides to a story, but one of the perennial gripes of working with external suppliers is there always seems to be a honeymoon period followed by a relationship that just seems to lose its sparkle. But...

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PR 101: Speaking the Right Language

25th June 2016

Teaching anyone to suck eggs is a dangerous place to go, but there remains a huge amount of assumption, confusion, and general malaise about what PR is and what it is not. PR is just another form of advertising, right?...

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PR Tastes Better When it’s Baked Slowly

14th May 2016

Whether it’s business to business; business to consumer; crisis; vertical market; launch or campaign – PR is a dish best served after being slow baked rather than rushed, lest it collapses in the middle. But then people have differing views as...

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The PR Effect

18th April 2016

In our ever increasingly busy world where we try to cram so much into our working day, it can be all too easy to do the simple things first and leave the big things until later. But regurgitating that old proposal;...

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Ashley Carr
Josephine Timmins
Gemma Spinks

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