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D2 Legal Technology

D2 Legal Technology LLP (D2LT) is a sixty-five-strong specialist boutique consultancy bringing world-class knowledge of documentation technology systems, capital markets legal documentation (such as ISDA, GMRA, GMSLA, OSLA and Prime Brokerage Agreements), risk management, regulation and a wealth of practical change management experience.

D2LT’s blend of industry knowledge, legal and technology skills places it in a unique position to advise financial institutions about the management and treatment of their legal contract data as reference data. It has a privileged view on the state-of-the-art of OTC derivatives legal documentation systems, processes and capabilities across the industry.  Since its inception, and in collaboration with its clients, D2LT has developed a series of ‘accelerator’ tools aimed at reducing project cost and timescale whilst maximising the re-use of best-practices.


“Neo PR is passionate about the work they do.  The energy levels they have provided have been invigorating and we are really starting to see the successful output of their hard work in terms of raising our brand profile through industry thought leadership.”

Akber Datoo, Founder and Managing Partner, D2 Legal Technology

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