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VoipSec was founded with the mission to simplify the complicated and costly area of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) security.

VoIP is a key tool for businesses in today’s environment, yet due to the cost of traditional VoIP security, many organisations are leaving their networks open to risks such as Voicemail Hacking, Toll Fraud and Telephony Denial of Service (DoS). VoipSec’s products have been designed to run in virtualised environments.

Using VoipSec’s EasySBC, businesses can take the first step to ensure the security of their communications infrastructure whilst being able to leverage the benefits of VoIP for voice, unified communications, and customer experience.


“Each time we put out news, sound bites or opinion articles we see a significant increase in that day’s hits on the site, and most importantly, the number of new account requests. When Neo PR issued our second opinion article we saw a staggering 57% increase on the number of accounts being opened, clearly showing the valuable outcomes of PR.”

Angela German, Director of Marketing, VoipSec

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