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Zizo is a next generation analytical data management platform that enables any organisation to get actionable insight from their ‘big data’, answering any business question quickly, easily and cost-effectively. 

Organisations both large and small are spending increasing amounts of time, money and resource simply storing and processing data, without business decision makers being able to ask questions of the data in an agile and flexible manner. Zizo is the solution to this issue, through its unique combination of state of the art database technology and graphical development tools.

Zizo’s patented technology combines the performance of in-memory databases, with the scalability afforded by column-based databases through its pattern-based architecture, creating an intelligent solution that reduces data to a fraction of its original size.

Zizo places business data in the hands of those who use it most – business people – and enables anyone to ask any question, at any time, allowing for better, more informed business decisions.


“We have a very complex, technical product, and are working within a particularly complicated market. Enlisting Neo PR was really beneficial and the team has been proactive in understanding our business in order to produce a lot of opportunity for thought leadership lead comment. Our close working relationship has been impressive and rewarding.”

Matthew Napleton, Marketing Director, Zizo

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Zizo Case Study
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