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PR, Social & Digital

Without continuous fresh content, campaigns dry up…

Neo PR has a unique way of generating new content with you – every 90 days we will create a whole new campaign, with a journalist from your market sector, to provide rich content to push through to your PR, website, blogs, tweets, SEO and alike.

This content generation builds on the last campaign and makes sure you never run out of things to say to the market and to your prospects.

Neo PR will generate Press coverage for you every month to maintain an active stream of dialogue through your social media channels which, in turn bring inbound sales leads.

At Neo PR we are different sort of PR…

Fanatical Engagement

  • Managing you, our client, not the other way around.
  • Learning to feed ourselves from the pool of talent you have within your organisation with fresh content from an early age.
  • Gaining self-sufficiency and letting you get on with your day job whilst we generate content, coverage and sales leads.
  • Absolutely never ever letting the campaign slow down. Not even for a minute.

Relentless Thought Leadership

  • Rolling, dedicated, quarterly campaigns of content generation talking to the market about the market.
  • Targeted responses; Letters to the Editors; Comment opportunities; LinkedIn Groups; Twitter feeds; Facebook and Google+

Pervasive Content

  • Quickly building a competitive edge through pervasive content generation that delineates you from the competition and positions you at the forefront of solving today’s issue, whilst demonstrating you are blazing the trail into the future.