. Need help with your PR? B2B Tech PR in a digital age
What we do:

B2B Tech PR.

We manage campaigns, generate fresh content, engage the media and achieve results.

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Content Generation.

Quality content placed in front of your audience converting new visitors into sales leads.

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Social Media.

Social media is a key part of your campaign and increases your visibility within the market.

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Research & Events.

Research-led content to drive interest, media coverage and position you as a thought leader.

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We can support global PR outreach with a mix of direct and partner engagement.

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Crisis Management.

Your reputation is your greatest asset in the business world and we’re here to look after it.

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Bringing Humanity Back to Marketing.

Client Case Study: Acoustic

Acoustic, an open and independent marketing cloud and analytics provider, has chosen Neo PR to further expand its footprint within the UK MarTech industry through a bespoke thought leadership campaign.

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Measuring Success:

We don’t measure our success by volume of coverage alone. As the PR campaign gains momentum, we’ll show you what a successful B2B PR campaign should look like.

Our clients regularly attribute inbound leads to their PR activity, via a direct link back to the website, an implied link from a mention of the company name, or a web search after reading an article. PR also impacts trackable SEO activity, as well as the traffic social media channels drive to our clients’ websites and the increase in engagement seen across channels.

Together with increased market awareness as the business gets better known amongst prospective clients, engagement with key industry influencers also plays an integral part in cementing our clients’ position in their key markets.

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Life at Neo

Slide Charlie Pool / CEO, Stowga It is a pleasure working with the team at Neo PR. They seek out opportunities to raise the profile of our business and have managed to get Stowga some fantastic coverage in both industry and national publications. Slide Jon Hoeksma / Editor of Digital Health Digital Health has worked closely with Neo PR over a number of years. I've always found them highly professional, very accessible and most importantly knowledgeable about the health IT industry. They are always helpful and very good at helping their clients get their messages out in a complex sector. Slide Akber Datoo / Founder and Managing Partner, D2 Legal Neo PR is passionate about the work they do. The energy levels they have provided have been invigorating and we can see the successful output of their hard work in terms of raising our brand profile. Slide Sandra Franchitti / Corporate Communications Manager, Zetes Our business can be difficult to understand but Neo has set themselves apart by being able to comprehend our messaging as well as our technology. The training that Neo provided to our local PR teams was incredibly helpful and you could say they have helped them ‘nail it’ in terms of their local PR strategy! Slide Emma Herrod / InternetRetailing Neo PR has always provided exclusive content to InternetRetailing that is exactly on message for the readership, and importantly to deadline.

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