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Love your colleagues: Not just for Valentine’s Day

Love your colleagues: Not just for Valentine's Day

Love your colleagues: Not just for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love my teammates, how about you? 

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day where we celebrate love by showing our friends, family or colleagues how much they mean to us. However, at Neo PR, we embrace ‘loving your team’ 365 days a year, not just on Valentine’s Day.

It’s important to love your job, but just as importantly, the people you work with. As part of the Neo PR Vision, teamwork is a huge part of our culture. We’ve implemented a number of ways for our colleagues to gain the recognition they deserve and to spread the love around the office every day, such as:

Sending Praise: Using TinyPulse, we engage with each other by sending our colleagues ‘Cheers.’ When someone does something amazing at work, it’s great to send them praise so they know they’re being recognised for doing a great job. It also helps to improve communication by acting as a platform to share our thoughts through weekly questions. Hearing one another’s feedback and acting upon what has been said allows us to be the best workforce possible! 

Regular Reviews: Typically, businesses hold monthly, quarterly or even yearly reviews to keep up to date with their team members and to discuss any concerns. However, at Neo PR, we have regular communication with our workforce at every level. Our Senior Leadership team meets with each other every day to discuss priorities and breaking news to ensure everyone is one step ahead of the game. Regular review meetings allow our employees to stay motivated by having the opportunity to progress their personal development plans and hear any constructive feedback to be the best they can both at work and outside of work. 

Pub Fridays and Quarterly Socials: Spending time with each other outside of the office helps to bring us all together, and there is no better way to bond than over a gin and tonic! Our monthly Pub Fridays give us an opportunity to read out each other’s praises and announce the NeoPRian of the month, celebrating our team’s successes together! Similarly, our Quarterly Socials are a fun way of blowing off some steam, as well as doing some team building! Previous socials have included segway racing, sledging and our infamous Christmas parties!  

NeoPRian of the Month and Star PR of the Quarter: Both every month and quarter, we give someone the recognition they deserve. Our NeoPRian of the month is decided by our team – everyone votes in our famous welly boot who they think deserves it each month and gives a reason why. Star PR of the Quarter is decided by our MD, Ash, and the winner gets to choose from a range of fabulous prizes such as a theatre break, a retail voucher and a spa day (which had been coincidently chosen at random 3 times in a row!) 

What does TEAM mean to Neo PR?

T is for Talking – “Good communication is vital at work. Talking to one another brings us together as a team, whether it is about our work or personal life. It also enables us to collaborate with each other to think of the best ideas for our clients.” – Rhea – Account Director 

E is for ExcitingNo day is the same in the office. Whether it’s bouncing ideas from one another, going on field walks or enjoying our quarterly socials, Neo PR definitely has a fun workforce!” – Catherine – Junior Account Manager

A is for All Together – “No one is by themselves in the office. We all pull together through the highs and the lows. Being a close-knit team is important to our culture.” – Francesca, Account Director 

M is for Myself – “I’m able to be myself, however weird that may be, and not be judged for it. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.” – Jade, Account Executive 

What do you love most about your team? PS – We’re hiring! Get in touch.

Kellie Sadler

Account Executive.

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