Neo PR is a new breed of B2B technology PR in a digital age. Based in Buckinghamshire and Surrey and specialising in the technology sector, Neo PR delivers PR outreach campaigns that are content-rich with relevant and meaningful messages that resonate and start a conversation.
With an experienced team that develops, manages and executes local, national and international PR campaigns, Neo PR works in close partnership with clients as an extension of their sales and marketing departments to deliver maximum value and high-quality content that makes an impact.
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9-10 Upper Church Lane, Farnham, GU9 7PW.
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Are your staff supporting your social media strategy?

Whilst companies are beginning to get to grips with their social media presences, staff members are still scarcely encouraged to support these strategies themselves. But why not? Studies have shown that employees are able to post, tweet and pin yet still perform at optimum levels; there is even evidence to suggest that social-media savvy staff are actually...