Neo PR is a new breed of B2B technology PR in a digital age. Based in Buckinghamshire and Surrey and specialising in the technology sector, Neo PR delivers PR outreach campaigns that are content-rich with relevant and meaningful messages that resonate and start a conversation.
With an experienced team that develops, manages and executes local, national and international PR campaigns, Neo PR works in close partnership with clients as an extension of their sales and marketing departments to deliver maximum value and high-quality content that makes an impact.
Verney Junction, Buckingham, MK18 2LB.
9-10 Upper Church Lane, Farnham, GU9 7PW.
+44 (0) 1296 733 867
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Life at Neo PR.


Working at Neo PR means you are lovingly branded a NeoPRian from day one. And what does that mean? Well, it means you are part of a close knit team that thinks together, but also drinks together and that is what drives our culture.

From employee satisfaction surveys to gin tasting and barbeques, our culture is just as important to us as our clients. Both are fundamental to the success of our business and both take a huge amount of care and attention. Just as trust and success for a client cannot be achieved overnight, a good culture is the same. It has to be grown, nurtured, measured and adapted as the business evolves and the most important thing is that we involve our NeoPRians every step of the way.

100 %
of our people feel that we consistently stay true to our core values as an organisation.
70 %
of NeoPR-ians can pinpoint specific recognition received when they went the extra mile.
100 %
of our team think Neo PR is regarded as a desirable place to work for future team members.
92 %
of our people feel they're actively mentored at work, helping them to progress and grow.
100 %
of our people say they are proud to work at Neo PR because of its values and culture.

Culture, Teamwork, Targets and Rewards.

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Your team!


I love the fantastic culture at Neo PR and our clients love it too!


We're one big family here at Neo PR. Our clients and team members always receive the best support possible.


The culture here at Neo PR is incredibly supportive and encouraging - I love it!


The culture is great and you can’t beat being greeted in the morning by our lovely office dog, Sam!


We are passionate about PR, and most importantly we have fun achieving it together.


At Neo we love dogs, food and PR! The team culture here is so refreshing.

Sam the dog

I love being taken out for walks by the Neo PR team and hunting for mice in the fields.


My favourite thing about Neo PR is that I genuinely believe we offer a PR service that is differential.


Neo PR is unique and there's certainly never a dull day! We look after each other which is so important.


Senior Account Manager

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