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With various factors impacting today’s modern marketing mix, from GDPR to VR strategies to influencer marketing, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure every marketing campaign is getting the most from each customer interaction. So as the marketing mix evolves, so must the technology and with this comes competition.  

We have worked with numerous industry leaders, giving us valuable insight into this exciting and forward-thinking industry. We know what the journalists want to write about, what they want to receive and when. And most importantly we know what you should be talking to the market about in order to set you apart from your competitors and into the arms of your prospects.

We’ll help you to develop a targeted and industry-relevant PR campaign, build your lead generation and conversion engine, and to find the voice that resonates with an audience keen to understand how and when to engage with their consumers.

Slide - Paul German, CEO, Certes Networks We first entered into a relationship with Neo PR as a blank canvas, excited about what we could achieve with the campaign and we have since been extremely happy with the results.
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